Kitchen & Dining Room DIY Room Décor Ideas


Kitchen & Dining Room DIY Room Décor Ideas

Kitchen & Dining Room DIY Room Decor Ideas


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Cutting Boards kitchen decor

Cutting boards are a great way to add personality and style to your kitchen. They’re also useful in many other ways, including:

  • Food preparation
  • Food storage
  • Food presentation (i.e., displaying food on the board) * Serving large amounts of food

Coasters kitchen decor

A great way to add a pop of color to your kitchen is with coasters. They can be used to protect surfaces from hot dishes and drinks, cold drinks and coffee. Coasters are also great for protecting table tops from scratches when you’re using them as place mats or placemats for dinner parties!

Mugs & Drinkware

Mugs and drinkware are an easy way to add some style to your kitchen. A mug can be used for any occasion, whether it’s morning tea or afternoon coffee, as well as having a variety of different uses. You may also want to think about using mugs in the kitchen or dining room if you have children who like playing with them or adults who like drinking their favorite beverage from time to time.

There are many different types of mugs out there that could fit into any decorating scheme; however, there are certain styles that will work better than others depending on what kind of look you’re going for (i.e., modern vs traditional).

Tea Towels Kitchen Decor

Tea towels are a great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen. They can also be used as an attractive and decorative towel rack, which is perfect for holding regular household items like pots and pans. They come in all kinds of patterns and colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style!

Tea towels are easy to clean and dry quickly, which makes them ideal for use in any kitchen setting where food prep is needed on a daily basis (such as restaurants).

Canvas Prints Room Decor

Canvas prints are a great way to add a personal touch to any room. If you’re looking for something simple, canvas prints are the perfect way to do that. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your decorating style perfectly.

If you want something more elaborate or colorful than just plain white canvas, there are plenty of options available that will fit right into any style home décor!

Custom Designed Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to add color and personality to your home. There are many different styles of wallpaper to choose from, so you can find just the right one for your space. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures.

You may be wondering why it’s important that your kitchen or dining room decor includes wallpaper? Well there are many reasons! First off it will help add dimensionality in the room while also giving it some personality through its design elements such as patterned prints or geometric shapes – all things that make rooms feel more modern without having any added expense other than DIY materials which shouldn’t cost too much anyway!

Gallery Wal

  • How to hang a gallery wall in a small space:
  • Use hooks or nails and hang pictures on the wall. You can use hooks, which are easier and more flexible than nails, but they’re not as sturdy. If you choose this option, make sure that your pictures are wide enough so they won’t be too close together or else they’ll look like squares instead of segments of art.
  • How to hang a gallery wall in a large space:
  • Use screws and attach panels from the top down (except for one edge). This method is great if you have more room for hanging art because it allows for bigger frames and more flexibility about where each picture goes on the wall. It also makes it easier to move around furniture since everything attached with screws doesn’t need any tools—just pull up!

Framed Prints

Framed prints are a great way to add character and color to your home. They can be used in any room of the house, but they’re especially effective in the kitchen or dining room.

If you have a large family, consider hanging framed pictures on the wall above your kitchen table so that everyone can enjoy it while they eat together. If you’re looking for more space-saving options, try using pendants as light fixtures over tables instead! A simple way to do this would be hanging an old-fashioned glass lampshade over one side of the table (you’ll need holes drilled through both sides), then attaching small hooks onto which we can hang our favorite prints or paintings from time spent outdoors during summer vacations.”

Photo Tiles

Photo tiles are a great way to add some color and a personal touch to your home. You can use them in any room of the house, but they are especially helpful for rooms like the kitchen or dining room where you might want something bright and bold. They’re also easy to install, so there’s no need for professional help from an electrician or plumber!

If you don’t have time (or skill) for DIY projects yourself, be sure not to feel bad about hiring someone else who does—it’s not just about saving money; it’s also about spending less time doing things that should be enjoyable!

Inspirational Quote Art

If you have a quote that inspires you, it’s time to put it on display. Quotes can be used as a focal point in your room, or they can be used throughout the space. You can even use quotes on the floor!

A great way to add quotes is by painting them onto wood panels and then hanging them up on walls. This will give them more dimension and make them look more personal than simply printing out printed copies of inspirational quotes might otherwise provide.

String Light Photo Wall

String lights are a great way to add a little light to your room. String lights are easy to install and you can decorate your room in whatever style you like.

String lights are available at many stores, including Home Depot, Walmart and Target. They also come in different lengths, heights and colors so there’s something for everyone!


For a cozy, homey feel, candles are a great way to add warmth to your room. Candles can be used in a variety of rooms: the living room, bedroom or dining room. They also make perfect decorating accents for smaller spaces.

Candles are versatile pieces that you can use in many ways! When placed around the home they’ll add light and warmth while creating an ambiance that matches any theme or room decorating scheme. If you want something different than what’s shown here then just keep experimenting until you find what works best for you!

Tabletop Photo Prints

Tabletop photo prints are a great way to add a personal touch to your home. They can be used as a focal point in the room, or as an accent piece on top of your desk or table. These decorative prints can also be used as gifts for family members who have traveled far from home, or even just as conversation starters when meeting new friends.


Chapter 1: Kitchen & Dining Room DIY Room Decor Ideas

Section: Cutting Boards kitchen decor

Section: Coasters kitchen decor

Section: Mugs & Drinkware

Section: Tea Towels Kitchen Decor

Section: Canvas Prints Room Decor

Section: Custom Designed Wallpaper

Section: Gallery Wal  /Citrus wallpaper in light gray color with bronze accent paper. Wallpaper is perfect for small dining table. Tile top boards are white. But need to change the wall color if you want to match other colors of the kitchen. We also make changes on cabinet hardware and backsplash design, so that the whole wall looks more fresh and clean. We use black paint for cabinet hardware because it is so simple yet elegant. Just put a whiteboard on top of it and you’re done! Using winter theme, we used wooden spoons from Target as our cutting boards. It’s easy, cheap, and they look nice! Cover them with clear wrap, or just put them in your drawer until next time you have a cooking activity. If you got any nice wooden spoon at home, cover them too! Coasters are another awesome project to DIY! You can just go to any thrift shop in your area or even antique mall and get some old ones for cheap price (you may be interested in my post about finding treasures at thrift stores ).  Or if you don’t want to spend money on those old coasters anymore, just buy some new ones from target or home depot . The best part about this idea is that these coasters are super cheap but still looks unique! The last thing we did was making tea towels from thrift store . They were already new-ish so we didn’t have an issue with durability issues but I would recommend washing them first before rolling them into a proper towel shape since they would have been.


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